Xbox Game Pass’s July 2023 release of a game might have “won” the summer.

The last few months have been slow for Xbox Game Pass, but things are now beginning to speed up, and one July game may have given Game Pass the Summer.

Things for Xbox Game Pass finally appear to be improving after a rocky first half of the year. Xbox Game Pass is starting to increase its output after a few months of meager additions, with a number of day-one games coming to the service in July. Exoprimal, a new dinosaur co-op exosuit shooter from Capcom, is the big draw this month, but Xbox Game Pass has also recently announced that Maquette, a former PlayStation Plus exclusive, will be coming to the service later in the month.

The Cave, Techtonica, Arcade Paradise, and The Wandering Village are just a few of the enjoyable tiny indies that are part of Xbox Game Pass’ July 2023 new games in addition to the day-one releases. However, Grand Theft Auto 5, from Rockstar, is by far the most popular third-party game on Xbox Game Pass this July, with GTA Online running concurrently. GTA 5 is still one of the best games available, despite not being the newest; it may have just been named Xbox Game Pass’s Summer Game of the Year.

Obtaining GTA 5 may have won the Xbox Game Pass summer competition.

The summertime is a crucial period for the gaming industry. At the beginning of the summer, major events like E3 — now called Summer Game Fest — reveal brand-new games that players can anticipate, with each major publisher getting its moment in the sun. A sizable release period, with June typically being jam-packed with new games, usually follows this. The June release dates for Street Fighter 6, Diablo 4, and Final Fantasy 16 were the same as last year. After that, the industry usually experiences a slight slowdown in July and August. These middle Summer months are the classic quiet before the storm because many developers are preparing to release their games in September and October. They’re the ideal time to there is a need for a service like Xbox Game Pass.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was added to Xbox Game Pass, which allowed it to truly shine during this brief period of downtime. Xbox Game Pass and GTA 5 already have a long history together. GTA 5 was first added to Xbox Game Pass in January 2020, removed in May, then made available again from April 2021 through August. But fans should act quickly because GTA 5 is now back on Xbox Game Pass after a two-year absence.

The past few months have been lackluster for Xbox Game Pass, with few day-one releases and scant third-party support. Coupled with Redfall’s failure, several supporters had started to lose faith in the entire service. Grand Theft Auto 5 has arrived just in time. Xbox Game Pass has in one fell swoop demonstrated to fans why the service is worth the asking price by providing not only a top-tier single-player experience that can easily last players over 100 hours, but also an online experience that is still one of the most popular multiplayer games available at the moment, again offering countless hours of content. The kind of game that users require during these summer months is GTA 5.

On the other side, PlayStation Plus has had a reasonably good recent period. As part of June’s PlayStation Plus lineup, popular games like Far Cry 6, Rogue Legacy 2, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, and Inscryption were released. Additionally, PlayStation Plus is offering It Takes Two, Sniper Elite 5, and Undertale to fans this month, among other titles. Even so, none of the games in PlayStation Plus’ July lineup come close to Grand Theft Auto 5 in quality.

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