Fortnite Part 4 Season 3: Where To Recruit a Character ?

Would you like to know where to enlist a person in Fortnite Section 4, Season 3? The week 5 update of the Time 3 has brought many new missions, for example, bobbing on various Bounce Blossoms and flipping vehicles. Likewise, employing a person is related with two difficulties in week 5 journeys. In this way, you should figure out how to find and enlist a person to finish these journeys. In this way, how about we take a gander at where to find every one of the characters on the Fortnite map.

All Areas in Fortnite To Recruit a Person

You can as of now enlist seven characters in Fortnite. They are Kitbash, Longshot, Understanding, Emergency Officer, Beastmode, Cure, and Weapons Master. Likewise, the areas of these characters in Part 4, Season 3 are displayed on the above map.

CharacterSpecialist TypeLocation Details
KitbashHeavy SpecialistLocated at Breakwater Bay north
of the Citadel
LongshotScout SpecialistFound at the Eastern Watch
northeast of the Citadel
InsightScout SpecialistLocated at the Rumble Ruins
Triage TrooperMedic Specialist
Located at the Slappy Shores
BeastmodeHeavy SpecialistFound at the Drift Ridge north
of the Mega City
RemedyMedic SpecialistFound at Frenzy Fields
Munitions ExpertSupply SpecialistLocated at Fallow Fuel north of
the Kenjutsu Crossing

Where do I hire a character in Fortnite new season Chapter 4?

Insight: At Rumble Ruin (Provides Storm Circle forecasts and hireable) Longshot: At Eastern Watch, northeast of The Citadel (Provides Storm Circle forecasts and hireable) Munitions Expert: At Fallow Fuel, north of Kenjutsu Crossing (Provides Upgrade and hireable)

Where is the ODM gear in Fortnite?

ODM Gear can be found in Chests, as ground loot, or in Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite. Scout Regiment Footlockers are wooden crates, and are generally located at Anvil Square, and sometimes in Guard Towers. Capturing a flag is a great way to highlight these unique chests, as is the Treasure Hunter Augment.

Where can I find Thunder Spears?

Shattered Slabs, in particular, is the best place to find Thunder Spears in Fortnite. There are three Scout Regiment Footlockers spawns at Shattered Slabs itself, plus four more in buildings to the west of Shattered Slabs.

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